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Our organization is in need of a volunteer to provide pro-bono legal advice and review of documents and ensure that our contracts are strong and complete. While we have a Board of Directors with plenty of experience, nothing can replace actual legal advice of an attorney specific to our operations. An ideal candidate for this role would be:

  • Licensed to practice law in the State of California
  • At least some experience in one or more of the following fields: Non-profit, entertainment & events.
  • Willing to spend on average about 1 hour per week answering questions, reviewing documents, and attend meetings.

Important: As with every role all the way to the top at Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, this is an unpaid volunteer role. While we do need someone to commit to a level of dedication, we are flexible and understand everyone has lives and jobs outside of this organization.

To apply for this role, click the link below and make sure to mention in the comments that you're applying for the Legal Counsel role.

To apply for this job please visit rivpri.de.