We're so grateful for the support of our community. The work we do is only possible through the generosity and support of the community we serve. We welcome efforts to fundraise or support Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride by individuals, organizations or businesses in the Inland Empire and beyond. Grass-roots organizing and support is vital to our mission. But, there are a few rules all events and fundraisers must follow.

Basic Rules for Events & Fundraisers:

Here are the basics – details are in terms & conditions in the last step of the application process.

  • All events or fundraisers must be submitted to, reviewed and approved by Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc. before using our name, logo or social media to promote it. Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride's names and logos may not be printed on merchandise or giveaways of any kind.
  • All events or fundraisers must reflect favorably on Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, our mission and our community.
  • In most cases, Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc. cannot provide financial, logistical or planning support for any event or fundraiser. We will do our best to cross-promote events and fundraisers through this program, but do not guarantee a specific level of coverage. If your event or fundraiser is more of a collaborative opportunity between our organizations, please use the “Contact Us” link above to get in touch.
  • All promotional materials for the event or fundraiser must include specific information about how much of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, and may not state or imply that the event or fundraiser is hosted, produced, sponsored or endorsed by Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride. See terms and conditions for specific examples of acceptable or unacceptable statements.
  • All events and fundraisers require coordination with our fundraising and treasury teams prior to the end of the event or fundraiser. You'll be contacted upon approval for details.

If you have any questions at all about this process or opportunities, please click the “Contact Us” link above to get in touch! Thanks again for your support!

Third Party Event Submission

This form is for a third party (a non- Riverside Pride org or person) to submit an event or fundraiser benefitting Riverside Pride for approval.

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