About Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc.

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc. is a completely volunteer-directed organization formed as another step towards uplifting, celebrating, and uniting the LGBTQIA+ communities of Riverside, California and surrounding areas. We are a registered Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation with the State of California, and federally registered 501(c)(3) public charity with IRS. Direct donations are tax deductible.

Our mission is one of support, community building, activism, education, and consciousness-raising.

No member of our communities is alone. There are so many fellow members and allies here and there and everywhere for you. You are important. Join us in our efforts to show support for our communities. We are strong and we are stronger in numbers. Let us unite and build each other up.

Activism is not new to our communities, but at the time of our founding, Riverside Pride was entering a particularly treacherous time for LGBTQIA+ lives. The then presidential administration had made it very clear that we were to be quiet or erased. This will not be. We will stand up and stay up, at the ward level all the way to the federal level and beyond.

Part of our activist work is education. We aim to educate the people of Riverside and surrounding areas about the rainbow acronym and its infinite diversity.

  • What do we need to know as a community?
  • How can we be more inclusive?
  • What works need to be done?
  • Which voices most need our collective focus at any given moment?

Through consciousness-raising, our members can come together to answer these questions and many others to help us grow our own awareness.

We are actively planning our Pride event for 2022. Follow us on our social media channels @RiversideLGBTQ to stay up-to-date.