Riverside LGBTQ Pride founder and then President Sean Maulding, center, and original board members (background, from left) Meg Kott, Sean Faustina-Smolak and Francisco Rodriguez meet at Fairmount Park in Riverside, CA on Friday, June 11, 2021. Photo credit pe.com

2021 – 2022 Board of Directors

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride is completely operated by volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Ray Yu

President, he/him

David Giron

Vice President and Fundraising Director, he/him

Chris Rashidian

Secretary, they/them

Casey Thompson

Treasurer, she/her

Troy Yu

Marketing and Operations Director, he/him

Nikki Siangio

Youth Director, she/her

Sean Maulding

Founder and Director-at-Large, he/him

Sean Faustina-Smolak

Director at-Large, she/her

Catherine Garcia

Director at-Large, she/her

Kyle Freet

Director at-Large, he/him

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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