Riverside Pride is more than just a festival. It is a whole calendar of service, promotional and fundraising events that require a team of dedicated volunteers to pull off. We are looking for a Graphic Artist who is comfortable working in Canva, and has some experience print and advertising design to help design social media graphics and printed posters to promote our events. The artist should know how to design within the guidelines of a brand style guide, but still design eye catching edgy art. Volunteers should expect to spend 4-10 hours per week, and maybe more as the main event approaches. Ideal applicants are:

  • Very experienced with Canva designer and perhaps Photoshop.
  • Understand a brand style guide and what it's for.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in minimum printing standards, such as file formats, resolutions, color spaces, process printing and more.
  • Is comfortable working with deadlines, even though this is a volunteer role.
  • Can provide examples of previous work.

IMPORTANT: As with every role all the way to the top at Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, this is an unpaid volunteer role. While we do need someone to commit to a level of dedication, we are flexible and understand everyone has lives and jobs outside of this organization and understand that an unpaid role is not a job.

To apply for this role, click the link below and make sure to mention in the comments that you're applying for the Graphic Artist role.

To apply for this job please visit rivpri.de.