Riverside Pride is more than just a festival. It is a whole calendar of service, promotional and fundraising events that require a team of dedicated volunteers to pull off. The Event Coordinator is a volunteer position that helps to lead individual event organization. From planning and putting logistical details into place, to staffing the event itself, an Event Coordinator is vital to the “build up” to the main event. Events may include (but are not limited to) fundraisers, galas, social and outreach, promotional and marketing and more. An Event Coordinator should be able to give about 3-5 hours a week of their time, and more during an event. An ideal applicant will be:

  • Very organized and on time.
  • Great communication skills and outgoing personality.
  • A great public representative of our organization.
  • A problem solver, who can adjust quickly when a situation changes.
  • Not afraid to take initiative.
  • Can lead a team and work with other coordinators.
  • Somewhat tech-savvy, able to use email, chat and a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager).
  • Can come up with and grow great ideas into events that further our mission.
  • Able to attend regular meetings online or in person.

Important: As with every role all the way to the top at Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, this is an unpaid volunteer role. While we do need someone to commit to a level of dedication, we are flexible and understand everyone has lives and jobs outside of this organization and understand that an unpaid role is not a job.

To apply for this role, click the link below and make sure to mention in the comments that you're applying for the Event Coordinator role.

To apply for this job please visit rivpri.de.