Statement from Riverside Pride on Assembly Bill 1955: Support Academic Futures & Educators for Today's Youth (SAFETY) Act


Riverside, CA — Riverside Pride is proud to announce our unwavering support for Assembly Bill 1955, the Support Academic Futures & Educators for Today's Youth Act. This crucial legislation aims to strengthen California's protections against the forced outing of LGBTQ+ students in schools, ensuring a safer and more supportive educational environment for all students.

As we have seen over the last year in the Inland Empire and across the country, efforts to forcibly out trans youth continue to threaten the rights of our students. AB 1955 is a significant step forward in protecting the privacy and dignity of LGBTQ+ youth. It addresses the critical need for safeguards that prevent the involuntary disclosure of a student's sexual orientation or gender identity, which can lead to devastating consequences, including discrimination, harassment, and even family rejection. Studies consistently show LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented among young people experiencing homelessness, with mistreatment, fear of mistreatment or being kicked out due to their LGBTQ identity being some of the leading causes.

We recognize the profound impact that a supportive and understanding school environment has on the mental health and academic success of LGBTQ+ students. This bill not only reinforces California's commitment to equality and inclusion but also empowers educators to create a more respectful and safe atmosphere for all students to thrive.

Riverside Pride commends the authors and supporters of AB 1955 for their dedication to protecting the rights and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth. We urge lawmakers to pass this vital piece of legislation and call on our community members to voice their support by contacting their legislators.

Together, we can create a future where every student in California, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can pursue their education free from fear and with the full support of their school community.

For more information on Assembly Bill 1955, please visit [PDF] or contact Riverside Pride to learn what you can do to support.

To read the whole letter of support, visit [PDF]

In solidarity,

Brock Cavett
Advocacy Director, Riverside Pride

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