The PRIDE of Riverside is a family of LGBTQ+ Lions who stick together through thick and thin. The characters will become part of the branding for Riverside Pride, make appearances at events and create educational and outreach opportunities to youth. But we need your help to make this a reality. Our goal is to raise at least $2500 by May 15th, 2022 so that we can have these characters ready for appearances by June.

LIMITED TIME: Donations of at least $20 between now and May 1st will receive a limited edition collectors pin and coloring book featuring the PRIDE lions when this fund's goal is successfully met!

A colorful photo of lions characterized in cartoon LGBT Characters.

SAVANNAH identifies as a lesbian, and is caring and protective of the Pride.

LEO the Leader is the leader of the PRIDE – Gay, fun loving and playful. Is very generous.

Transgender, shy and full of heart, ROARY is deaf and uses ASL.

A queer non-binary drag queen, LIONA is glamorous and loves the spotlight.

Bisexual, sporty and proud. ARI loves to sun himself.

What else can they do?

The program includes plans for:education, kid's activities, appearances at public events, social outreach to youth, and 1 on 1 interactions with those who are the lion's peers. This group of characters will not only become the faces of Inland Empire Pride, but also help facilitate direct outreach and interaction with younger members of the community and their families. We are designing and training the characters to be specific in their personalities and life stories to appeal to a wide audience and serve as a friendly representation of those who may not see others like themselves.

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