Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc! We are always in need of help paying for operational costs. This usually means, paying for fundraising supplies (T-shirt printing, etc.), promotional materials (postcards etc.) and office supplies (printer toner, paper, etc.). Administrative costs cover things like filing fees, licenses and insurance.

All applications are reviewed to make sure our sponsors are in harmony with our mission. Fill out the application below and we'll get back to you soon!

Some current needs we have that could use a sponsor include the following:

  • Volunteer Incentives
    • T-Shirt Printing ($300-500)
    • Custom Water Bottles ($300)
    • Custom Pins ($175)
  • Shipping Sponsor ($100+)
    • Allows us to offer free shipping in our store for a period.
  • Promo Giveaway Sponsor
    • Buttons ($100 per 300)
    • Pride Hand Flags ($100+)

  • Trademark Sponsorship ($350)
  • General Sponsorship ($500-1000+)
    • Office supplies, etc.
  • Newsletter Sponsorship – general advertising ($100)