A promotional image for the Riverside Pride Awards with a royal purple background featuring a shiny trophy and a link to www.Riverside.lgbt/nominate and a QR code.

Riverside Pride is excited to honor individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions towards the advancement of LGBTQ+ equality and advocacy in the Inland Empire region. Award winners will be celebrated at this year's Riverside Pride Gayla taking place Saturday, June 1st, 2024. Nominees are evaluated on the basis of leadership and commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Take a look at previous year's winners.

Submit your nomination by Sunday, April 16th at 11:59pm


Can I nominate someone posthumously?

Yes, you can. We can look into having someone accept on behalf of them if awarded.

Does the nominee have to live in Riverside, or the Inland Empire area?

No, the nominee doesn't have to reside in Riverside or Inland Empire. The selection criteria is about their impact to Riverside and surrounding Inland Empire.