If you need a message to go out to our followers, whether on social media, or elsewhere – this is the form for you! Please fill out the request in full and the marketing team will schedule your message to go out as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, email gro.E1713905946Iedir1713905946Pedis1713905946reviR1713905946@gnit1713905946ekraM1713905946
Please read all of the guidelines below before submitting your request.

How It Works

Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride is happy to help promote community events from our friends. Requests submitted below are accepted and processed in the order they are received and at the discretion of our marketing team. Here are some other things you should know:

  • We will fit the request into our existing ongoing marketing schedule where there is room and Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride's own initiatives have priority.
  • Although we accept requests we can't guarantee we will be able to accomodate all of them.
  • Multiple requests from a third party (i.e: where Riverside Pride is not directly involved) may be combined into a single promo post, depending on scheduling.
  • While we usually post most things on social media and our website event calendar, we can't guarantee your event will fit all platforms. We may limit our sharing to stories or the event calendar, depending on space and schedule.

Timing & Deadlines

30 days prior to publishing date – For the best exposure, submit your request at least 30 days prior to the date you want us to begin promoting your item. (The earlier the better, but probably no more than 90 days prior due to the tendency of details to change.) This will allow us to add your item to our schedule including social media, our event calendar, our newsletter, our other mailing lists, write a press release (if needed) and more.

Minimum 15 days prior to publishing – All requests should be submitted no less than 10 days in advance of the effective date to ensure we can process it in time. This may allow for at least social media posts. If we receive late requests, we'll do our best, but can't guarantee results. Don't forget: We're all volunteers!

Artwork & Assets


You'll have the opportunity to submit your own artwork with the request. ***IT MUST BE IN 1:1 SQUARE FORMAT***. Optionally, you may submit a 1:1 square image (or animation/video) AND a vertical “story” formatted image, but at minimum the first flyer must be square.
If your artwork does not meet these requirements, we may edit it accordingly or ask you to resubmit the artwork.
In some cases, we can create artwork for your request. However, unless you are collaborating with Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride on the planning of the event or program, it's best to submit your own.

Ad Copy
You should provide your own ad copy for the promotions, keeping in mind that the most common use of this text will be social media and that some platforms have character limits. Include any hashtags you would like used. We will edit this text to fit the space or for content as needed.

Other Assets
In some cases we'll create other assets for your request, such as a shortlink (a shorter “pretty” link that redirects to your long link), a event on our calendar, and more. You'll receive a copy or link to these assets in your email.

After Your Submission

Once you submit your request, a few things will happen, roughly in this order:

  • You'll get a confirmation email.
  • We'll change your request to “Received” or “Pending”.
  • If you requested assets, (images, shortlink(s), etc.) we'll get to work on them.
  • We'll look at the schedule and schedule your post(s) where we can fit them in.
  • These dates and links to your assets (images, shortlink(s), etc.) will be added to the tracker and emailed to you.

Track Your Request