Why Fundraise?

Did you know, that as a non-profit charity, Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride relies completely on donations and fundraising events to keep our work moving forward? We are a 100% volunteer based organization – even our board of directors donate their time.

Events like the Glow Walk for Love make it possible to hold our annual festival and parade, and year-round visibility and assistance programs for our LGBTQIA+ community throughout the Inland Empire. In a world of increasing hostility against the LGBTQIA+ community, we're fighting to strengthen our community around us. This is especially important in Riverside and San Bernardino counties where populations tend to be less accepting and we're seeing growing hostility against marginalized populations.

We are setting a goal of raising $20,000 through this even, with a $100 fundraising goal for each individual (but any amount helps!) Here's some tools to help get you started.

The Pitch

You probably already know a little about what Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride does, but do you know enough to answer questions? Why do your friends and family need to donate?

Let's think about what you're going to say when you approach a friend or family member about donating. How about something like:

Hey there, I'm pledging to walk 5 miles in 2 hours at this charity walk for Riverside Pride in June. Will you donate $5 per lap? I really think that Riverside Pride is doing great work, because…

Here's are some talking points of how we're working to bring our community together to be stronger against hate:

  • We're 100% volunteer run – even our Board of Directors – Nobody is paid a salary at this charity. That means 100% of the donations raised will go to our work.
  • We work on entertaining events and creating safe spaces, but we're also are doing a lot behind the scenes. Check out what we've got cooking on our What We Do page.
  • Riverside's Inland Empire Pride will take place September 4th (Labor Day Weekend!) in downtown Riverside at Main and 5th. (Where the Farmer's Market usually is.)
  • Most of the money raised in this fundraiser will go directly to programs and the event.
  • Our Board of Directors is a diverse group of people that span many races, genders, and sexualities.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Personalize your fundraising page. Tell people why you are passionate about raising money for Riverside LGBTQ pride. Share your personal story about why fighting for equality is important to you.
  2. Be your own first donor. The easiest way to jumpstart your fundraising efforts is to be the first to donate! It's easier to ask for a donation if you can speak from experience and it shows a dedication to your cause. Even something small will send a message!
  3. Make the ask. Remember, don't be afraid to ask! Use your fundraising page to send emails to your friends, family and colleagues, letting them know you're participating in the Glow Walk and are asking for their support.
  4. Get creative! Host a bake sale or garage sale, ask co-workers, friends and family to help you fill a jar with change. Host a virtual or in-person bingo party. Whatever it is, get creative in how you ask for support.
  5. The Power of Social Media. Let your friends, family and followers know what you're up to! Sharing your story, fundraising goal, and progress is THE MOST important way to get support. 95% of your donations will be online. Whether you use the messages we provide or put something in your own words, get the news on your socials. Remember to use the hashtags #GlowWalk and #RiversidePride too! Use the Social Media Toolkit
  6. Download your Fundraiser Package – it includes forms for accepting and keeping track of cash donations.

If you need to find your profile link, click here. That little purple button that says “View Profile” is your profile link. Copy and paste it wherever you like. It looks something like this:


NOTE: Your link will have a unique number instead of the “#”.

When you post online, make sure to use our hashtags! #RiversidePride #GlowWalk4Love and @RiversideLGBTQ !