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2023 Participant Badge – Full image
2023 Participant Badge – Transparent cutout. The outside edges of this image are transparent.

Consort events are events that we organize outside of the PRIDE festival, during the rest of the year. Most often, these are fundraising events, but sometimes they are marketing or community service events. All events come with expenses that are difficult for a non-profit to cover, and when it comes to fundraising events, the costs always eat into the profit of the fundraiser. If you'd like to help by sponsoring one of these events, fill out the application below and we'll get back to you ASAP! Oh, and THANKS for supporting Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc!

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc! We are always in need of help paying for operational costs. This usually means, paying for fundraising supplies (T-shirt printing, etc.), promotional materials (postcards etc.) and office supplies (printer toner, paper, etc.). Administrative costs cover things like filing fees, licenses and insurance.

All applications are reviewed to make sure our sponsors are in harmony with our mission. Fill out the application below and we'll get back to you soon!