Art and culture is an important differentiating element of Riverside’s Inland Empire Pride Festival. It will contain two primary components: ArtWalk and HistoryWalk. These elements aim to educate LGBTQ+ history and experiences art installations by festival-produced and locally curated artists

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🎨 ArtWalk 🎨

Art and cultural displays along the Main Street plaza. Tentatively area colored in orange below (pending permit and partners approval):

Within ArtWalk, there are three components:

  • Two Riverside Pride produced interactive exhibits
  • Curated collection of art by local LGBTQ+ artists
  • Curated art and artisanal booths and tables

Interactive Exhibit – Closet Doors

  • Interactive art exhibit where local artists design free-standing doors to symbolize the closet.
  • Visitors to symbolically come through the closet doors and find a loving surrogate family member on the other side. 
  • Partnered with Free Mom Hugs SoCal – an organization that fights to provide love and acceptance to those who have been disowned to prevent suicide.
  • Coming out is a privilege that not everyone has, and for those who have, their experiences might not have been great. Through this exhibit, we hope to provide an opportunity to express themselves for those who have not been able to come out, or a healing chance for those who have not had a great experience.

Interactive Exhibit – Everyone Under the Rainbow

  • Interactive exhibit where different flags in the LGBTQIA+ community are displayed, with a history of the flag. 
  • Visitors can deposit pebbles underneath one or more flags that they identify with.
  • Many of our community are not visible (e.g. bisexual folks). This is a visual for us to say, “We see you”, and for attendees to say “we exist and we’re here.”

🎨 HistoryWalk 🎨

  • Spread throughout the festival area will be exhibits that highlight important periods and events in LGBTQ+ history.
  • The exhibits will form a timeline that attendees can follow along, and end at the ArtWalk.
  • The goal is to educate attendees on LGBTQ+ history, and also drive a natural flow of traffic to ArtWalk.

🎨 Participation Opportunities 🎨

We need your help!

Riverside Pride is 100% volunteer and donation driven. Here are ways that we are looking to the community to participate.

Donation of Doors

We are looking for doors (used or new) for our Closet Doors interactive exhibit. Target number of doors is currently 12:

  • At least 28 inches in width and 80 inches in height
  • Preferably pre-hung (i.e. frame included)
  • Preferably unpainted / primed

We will create frames and sand down used doors as needed. We will also add feet to the door frames so they can be free-standing. If you have a door that you can donate, please email a photo of it to gro.e1653292832iedir1653292832pedis1653292832revir1653292832@tra1653292832 and we will be in touch.

Closet Doors

We are looking for artists to submit their concepts of the closet doors to symbolize the before and after coming out experience (one side before, one side after). Doors can be painted, decorated or altered as long as they remain a functional door that can be opened and closed. Artists have the option to keep the door after the festival, or donate the door to Riverside Pride for charity purposes.

Please submit concept drawings via Artist Application. Check the “More?” checkbox on the form to upload files. We have created a template of a blank door (front, back) that you may use. Please use the description field to explain your concepts as needed, or include verbiage in your concept drawings.

Note: Exact door details, including door size, surface, knob/handle is subject to availability.

Deadline for concept submission: June 7, 2022

ArtWalk Showcase

We are looking for LGBTQ+ artists to loan their art to showcase in the ArtWalk. We are open to all kinds of different art that are suitable for public display purposes, including but not limited to paintings, illustrations, sculptures, or models. Artists by default will retain the art after the ArtWalk unless otherwise explicitly donated to Riverside Pride.

Please submit links to samples of art, or portfolio on our website via Artist Application. Check the “More?” checkbox on the form to upload files if needed. Please describe what you would like to showcase in the description field.

Deadline for portfolio or concept submission: June 7, 2022

ArtWalk Market

We are looking for artists, artisans and galleries to participate in the market sections throughout ArtWalk at Main Street Plaza. Items for sale must be:

  • Artists: Original or reproductions of original work
  • Artisans: No commercial item resales, must be handcrafted
  • Galleries: Original or reproductions of original works by represented artists

Please submit your interest on our website at Vendor Application.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in the Riverside’s Inland Empire Pride Art and Culture initiative. If you have any questions, please feel free to email gro.e1653292832iedir1653292832pedis1653292832revir1653292832@tra1653292832.