Date and Time

Event Date: Sunday, September 10, 2023
Expo Hall Hours: 12 – 7 PM
Load-in Hours: 9 – 11 AM (walk-in), 8:30 – 11 AM (loading dock, vehicle reservation required)

Event Flyer

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What's included in my booth/space?

  • By default, all booths are 10×10, with either pipe and drape or wall on the back.
  • Artist table's spaces can vary, but there should be about 6′ – 8′ of space behind your table (this space includes your chairs).
  • All sponsor booths include a table, linen, and two chairs, as well as those who purchased it as an addon.
  • Booths do not have electricity unless you have purchased it as an addon.

What can I do with my booth?

You may decorate your booth and display items as you would like, with some restrictions:

  • All elements of your booth must stay within the area assigned, aisles must be clear of items or displays. We have fire codes to follow, and will have folks come by to inspect the aisles before door opens.
  • If you are assigned pipe and drape backdrop, you cannot hang anything on the pipe and drape with anything that can damage the fabric. Clips with light items or signs are okay.
  • If you are assigned wall to your back, you cannot use any tape that would leave residue or damage the wall. Please use painters tape (not masking tape) if you want to tape something up.
  • No display or shelving can be taller than 8 ft. If you have display taller than 8 ft, you must seek prior approval from us.
  • You cannot have any roofing in your booth, as this would obstruct the sprinklers and violate fire codes. Though you may use just the frame of a canopy so you can hang things on the side. You cannot hang anything at the top of your canopy that will block the sprinklers.

Where and when do I load in?

All booths must be ready and aisles cleared before doors open at 12 PM.
Please arrive before 11 AM to avoid crowding with attendees.

You have three options to load-in, please see below:

Option 1 – Park at Convention Parking Lot (no reservation required)

  • Park in the Convention Parking Lot ($10)
  • Unload in the parking lot
  • Walk in through Parking Lot to Front Entrance and enter through lower level with your items
  • Take escalator or elevator to upper floor expo hall
  • Longer walk, but flexible time (any time between 9 AM – 11 AM)

Option 2 – Park at Street Parking (no reservation required)

  • Park at street parking somewhere close to the convention center (free)
  • Unload in the street; please DO NOT block traffic especially on Orange or 5th street
  • Walk in through loading dock with your items
  • Loading dock has direct access to expo hall
  • Longer walk, but flexible time (any time between 9 AM – 11 AM)

Option 3 – Drive-in to Loading Dock (fill out loading dock reservation form by August 31st, 2023)

  • Drive into loading dock via Orange St at designated time slot between 8:30 AM – 11 AM
  • Unload in loading dock within 30 minutes (volunteers will assist); we can accommodate about 20 vehicles at the same time, please specify in comments below if you require more time
  • Loading dock has direct access to expo hall
  • After unloading, move vehicle to park elsewhere then return to expo hall through front entrance or loading dock
  • Shortest walk, but assigned time slot

Tip: Wagons or dollies are recommended for all options, as there is some walk one way or another.

How do I check in?

Your staff and volunteers must know the Exhibitor ID that will be emailed to you before 9/6. Tell this ID to the person checking you in. This is how we know a person is not a random person pretending to be part of your organization.

Before 12 PM

We will have two check-in stations. One at the Loading Dock (till 11 AM), and one at the concourse of the Upper Floor of the Convention Center. They will have exhibitor wristbands for you, and help direct you to your spot.

If you are a sponsor, they will also give you redemption tickets to be redeemed at the Merchandise booth to pick up your VIP Badges, wristbands, and swag bags.

After 12 PM (event opened)

Your additional staff and volunteers will need to come through attendee registration and security. There will be a line specifically for VIP and exhibitors. Once wristbanded, they can proceed to your booth directly. If they need assistance locating where your booth is, they can stop by the info booth.

Is there a limit on how many people I can have at my booth?

No. The event itself is free, so there's no limit on number of people for exhibitors.

Will there be food and drinks?

Concession at the Convention Center will be open and have snacks, meals, and drinks for sale. There will also be multiple bars with alcoholic drinks for sale.

There are also water fountains with water bottle filling stations at the Convention Center.

VIP wristbands include access to the VIP lounge, with food included, and a private bar.

Will there be WIFI?

WIFI is available for purchase onsite from the Convention Center by connecting to the WIFI network there. There's no discount by purchasing through us unfortunately.

Can I play music?

There will be light background music playing at the expo hall. You may play light sound in your booth that does not bother other exhibitors. We may ask you to turn your sound down or off if we deem it too loud or if we receive complaints.

What's the dress code?

We are an all-ages event from 12 – 7 PM. Please dress as you would if you were in public spaces. This year's theme is PRIDE = POWER, and we have a comic book motif. You are welcome to dress up in superhero (or villain) clothing or cosplay!

When can I tear down?

Please do not tear down before 7 PM. We understand you may have obligations or staffing issues that make it hard to stay the entire time, but we know when someone leaves, others follow. So please don't start that domino🙏

How do I load out?

You can choose the same options as load-in. For Option 1 and 2, you can just load your items into your wagon/dollies, and walk back to your vehicle. If you choose Option 3, there is a field on the reservation form to specify if you need a load out time slot reserved also.

I have more questions!

Please don't hesistate to reach out by emailing gro.e1718145671iedir1718145671pedis1718145671revir1718145671@roti1718145671bihxe1718145671.