Our mission includes making sure everyone in our community is represented, seen, heard, and served. This involves building strong relationships with many businesses and other non profit organizations, as well as reaching people. An outreach director with Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc. not only oversees relationships to enrich our festival and other events, but also makes sure that we are connecting with all intersections between events by helping to create programs and education for everyone. The Outreach Director is a junior member of the Board of Directors which takes a significant amount of commitment and dedication. You could expect to spend 15-30 hours a week or more helping connect people in this role. An ideal applicant for this role would be:

  • Very outgoing and socially adept.
  • Able to become a stellar representative for Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride Inc.
  • Organized and responsive to anyone who reaches out.
  • Excellent at communication, writing and speaking.
  • Able to understand empathize with all of the facets of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Relatively tech savvy, able to use email, chat and a CRM (Contact Relationship Manager)
  • Able to see those who are forgotten and how we can see them again.
  • Able to attend regular meetings online or in person.

Eventually this role will also oversee the Volunteer Coordinator and team managing the recruiting and intake of volunteers and partners, if possible.

Important: As with every role all the way to the top at Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride, this is an unpaid volunteer role. While we do need someone to commit to a level of dedication, we are flexible and understand everyone has lives and jobs outside of this organization.

To apply for this role, click the link below and make sure to mention in the comments that you're applying for the Outreach Director role.

To apply for this job please visit rivpri.de.